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Agence de traduction Saint-Étienne


Saint-Étienne was first mentioned in records dating back to 1195. In those days it was still a farming settlement and first became of significant note in the 16th century – through the manufacture of textiles and ribbons in particular. Later, the city became renowned for the production of nails, weapons, and ironware. In 1764, Saint-Étienne became the Royal Armaments Manufacturer and the arms industry is still an important economic sector for the city today.

It was the textile industry that characterised economic life in Saint-Étienne from the 16th century. However, Saint-Étienne experienced a boost in the 19th century through heavy industry and coal mining. Large parts of the city were destroyed during the Second World War.

The modern industrial city of Saint-Étienne

Today, top-quality specialised products such as special and fine steels, medical technology, and precision mechanics are produced in Saint-Étienne. The city is renowned for a wide range of different products such as bicycles, and tools, ribbons, fabrics for neckties, camera lenses, church windows, and chocolate.