Our 30 agencies in France

Our translation agencies in France and 10 other European countries have more than 3,500 experts in specialised translation, for example in the fields of technology, medicine, and law. With translators in more than 35 fields and translations into more than 100 foreign languages, our agency is present throughout the country, from Lille to Marseilles. Other services we offer include urgent translation, website translation, sworn translation, proofreading, audio transcription, and telephone interpretation. Our global network guarantees you excellent service in more than 80 locations.

10, Place André Emlinger - Central Forum – Cidex 1
Centre International d’Affaires – Aéroport
Bd Marcel Dassault
F-64200 Biarritz
14 rue Pierre de Coubertin
parc Mirande, Bâtiment E
F-21000 Dijon
Place R. Schuman WTC
BP 1510
F-38025 Grenoble Cedex 01
16 place du Général De Gaulle
BP 329
F-59026 Lille Cedex
Immeuble  Boreal
24, rue Atlantis
F-87069 Limoges Cedex
Immeuble Le Forum
27 Rue Maurice Flandin
F-69444 Lyon Cedex 03
Espace Optimum Center 450
rue Baden Powell
Quartier Blaise Pascal
F-34000 Montpellier
Tour de l'Europe
3, Bd de l'Europe
F-68100 Mulhouse
Nice Premier
455 Promenade des Anglais
F-06299 Nice Cedex 3
12 place de la Défense
Maison de la Défense
F-92400 Courbevoie
18 bd. Kennedy
Residence Le Baudelaire
F-66100 Perpignan
9, rue André Pingat 
Le 107
107 Avenue de Fréville
400, rue Roumanille
Boite postale n° 309
F-06906 Sophia Antipolis CEDEX