Professional Translation Services

Alphatrad offers professional translation services in a wide range of sectors (legal, medical, sworn, etc.) in over a hundred different languages, from the most common to the rarest: Chinese, English, Russian, Italian, Arabic, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. via more than 3,500 professional and native translators worldwide.


  • Technical translations

    User manuals, instruction leaflets, product data sheets etc.

  • Legal translations

    Articles of association, contracts, judgments, licences etc.

  • Medical translations

    Reports, medical devices etc.

  • Financial translations

    Financial statements, audit reports, annual reports etc.

  • Fast translations

    Translations produced to very tight deadlines.

  • Certified translations

    Diplomas, driving licences, birth certificates etc.

  • Website translations

    E-commerce, mobile applications, SEO translations etc.

  • Audiovisual translations

    Voice-over scripts, subtitle translations etc.

  • Marketing translations

    Slogans, newsletters, flyers, posters etc.

  • Advertising translations

    Advertising posters, flyers, newsletters, brochures, emails etc.

  • Scientific translations

    Scientific articles, research work, surveys etc.

  • Business translations

    Brochures, invitations to tender, business plans etc.

  • Specialised translations

    Engineering, licences, studies etc.

Translations by sector

  • Aviation translations

    Maintenance manuals, flight manuals etc.

  • Cosmetics translations

    Slogans, fragrance descriptions etc.

  • Translations for the gastronomy sector

    Technical cooking instructions, wine lists etc.

  • Real estate translations

    Property asset descriptions, property offers etc.

  • Translations for industry

    Technical articles, instructions for use, labels etc.

  • Translations for the food industry

    Catering, agronomy, food, dairy products etc.

  • Translations for the insurance sector

    Life insurance contracts and policies, travel insurance etc.

  • Translations for the automotive sector

    Catalogues and marketing texts, maintenance manuals etc.

  • Translations for the gas, electricity & renewable energy sectors

    Feasibility studies, user guides etc.

  • Translations for the IT sector

    Software, IT projects, e-learning materials etc.

  • Translations for the luxury sector

    Product sheets, marketing materials, press articles etc.

  • Translations for the pharmaceutical sector

    Clinical trial reports, research studies etc.

  • Translations of e-commerce sites

    Online shops, online marketplaces etc.

  • Tourism translations

    Travel guides, menus, social networks etc.

Translation by type of document

  • Translations of legal documents and court rulings

    Judgments, summonses etc.

  • Translations of articles

    Press, medical, scientific and web articles etc.

  • Translations of medical articles

    Position papers, magazine articles etc.

  • Translations of press articles

    Informative articles, opinion pieces, portraits etc.

  • Translations of scientific articles

    Chemistry, biology, geology etc.

  • Translations of mobile applications

    Interface translation, manuals, and user dialogues etc.

  • Patent translations

    Mechanical, agri-food, medical patents etc.

  • Translations of certificates

    Work certificates, school certificates etc.

  • Translations of general terms and conditions of sale (GTCS)

    Terms and conditions of services, legal notices etc.

  • Translations of contracts

    Marriage contracts, confidentiality agreements etc.

  • Document translations

    Official, technical and commercial documents etc.

  • Translations of safety data sheets (SDS)

    Translations of SDS in line with industry standards.

  • Video game translations

    Packaging, cover, game manual etc.

  • Software translations and localisation

    Translation of training material, multimedia courses etc.

  • Driving licence translations

    Driving licence translations in over 100 languages.

  • Translations of Amazon products

    Toys, home and garden, books etc.

  • SEO translations

    Site content, keywords, meta descriptions etc.

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Translation of your documents into over 100 languages

With over 40 years of experience in professional translation, Alphatrad is one of the leading international language service providers. In addition to its numerous agencies, the company works with over 3,500 professional and native translators worldwide. We work in more than a hundred different languages, from the most common to the rarest: French, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese...

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Professional translations into German
Professional translations into Italian
Professional translations into Spanish
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FAQs on professional translation services

The cost of a professional translation is difficult to estimate without first seeing the documents. Several factors need to be considered: the language, the complexity and the length of the source text.

Yes, there is more to a translation project than just translating the text, and this must also be considered. The minimum price for a professional translation depends on a number of factors, including the language and the delivery deadline.

We treat your documents and data with strict confidentially. At your request, our translation agency can sign a confidentiality agreement.

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