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2, rue de Crucy
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The leading economic centre in Western France

France’s sixth largest city, Metropolitan Nantes has been growing continually since 1990. With its tremendous economic growth, the capital of the Pays de la Loire region offers a balanced range of activities: research, IT and financial services live alongside industrial activities (mechanical engineering, food industry, aeronautics). Four competitive clusters are working on crossover projects: Atlantic Biotherapies, “Génie Civil Eco-construction”, EMC2 and “Images & Réseaux”.

A heavy involvement in international trade

As a major port, Nantes has always been open to the outside world. Metropolitan Nantes has entered into twinning agreements with towns in England, Germany, Georgia, Bolivia, Japan, Brazil, Africa, America, Morocco, Guinea, West Bank, Haiti, Senegal, China, Cameroon and Romania!

Linguistic and Translation Services in Nantes, France