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Linguistic and Translation Services in Marseille, France

Your linguistic agency in Marseille: For a legal, sworn, technical or medical translator near you. 

France’s leading port and 2nd largest city

Marseille sees itself as a Euro-Mediterranean city and has developed by encouraging engineering schools, research, universities and innovation, with a number of technology parks. The Marseille Provence Métropole (MPM) urban community supports eight world-class competitive clusters, particularly in the micro-electronics and biotechnology sectors.

A cosmopolitan city

On the international front, the Union for the Mediterranean aims to establish a partnership between all the Mediterranean countries with the collaboration of the European Union. This should eventually lead to concrete projects such as decontamination of the sea, motorways of the sea and solar energy.

A multicultural city for geographical and historic reasons, Marseille is open to international relations and maintains ongoing contact with neighbouring countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco and all the countries involved in maritime trade in the region.