Translation Agency in Biarritz

Alphatrad, a linguistic and translation agency located at Centre International d’Affaires – Aéroport 24 Bd Marcel Dassault in Biarritz (64200), specialises in translations, interpreting and proofreading services, multilingual transcriptions, voice-over services and subtitling. Alphatrad belongs to the Optilingua International Group, which has subsidiaries in 12 European countries, and has over 40 years' experience in translation and linguistic services.


Alphatrad Translation Agency in Biarritz

Customer service



Business clients: 0809 102 525
Private clients: 05 59 43 52 46

Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm


Centre International d’Affaires – Aéroport 24 Bd Marcel Dassault F-64200 Biarritz

Reception in the office by appointment calling on 06 71 13 06 94

Our translation services

Technical translations

User manuals, instruction manuals, product sheets, etc.

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Legal translations

Articles of association, contracts, judgments, licences, etc.

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Medical translations

Reports, medical devices, pharmaceutical translations, etc.

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Financial translations

Financial statements, audit reports, annual reports, etc.

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Fast translations

Translations with very short delivery times

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Certified translations

International calls for tenders, driving licences, visas, and documents intended for government authorities, etc.

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Website translations

E-commerce, mobile applications, SEO translations, etc.

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Business translations

Cosmetics & beauty, food & beverage, marketing & advertising etc.

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Linguistic services

Voice-over services

Telephone messages, museum guides, instruction videos, etc.

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Foreign language subtitling for videos for international markets

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Liaison interpreting & telephone interpreting

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Editing, proofreading, and correction of texts (in French and other languages)

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Audio and video transcriptions in French and other languages

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Multilingual DTP

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP)

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FAQ about the Biarritz agency

Translations are carried out in more than 100 languages and dialects, both in standard European languages such as English, German, Spanish and Italian and in non-European languages such as Chinese, Arabic and Japanese.

The turnaround times and costs for translations at Alphatrad Biarritz depend on the language, the number of words and the type of translation (sworn, legal, technical or other). We strongly recommend that you send us the text to be translated so that we can provide you with a quote detailing costs and times.

Other language services such as transcriptions, voice-overs or proofreading are provided by specialist language experts. For example, transcriptions are done by professionals in the field, voice recordings by voice-over artists, and proofreading by professional proofreaders.

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