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Les traducteurs de notre agence de Bayonne traduisent vos documents dans plus de 100 langues, des plus courantes (français, anglais, allemand, néerlandais...) aux plus rares (japonais, chinois, arabe, russe, hindi...).


La demande de devis est gratuite et vous permet de vous convaincre de la qualité et de la flexibilité de notre service.

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Bayonne – the city of the largest summer festival in France

At the confluence of the rivers Nive and Adour, right near the Atlantic Ocean, lies picturesque Bayonne ('Baiona' in Basque) – a lively city of art and history. The capital of the French Basque Country, known for its festive atmosphere and summer entertainment, also owes its fame to its particularly remarkable architectural heritage. It is a real pleasure to stroll along the quay or throughout the old streets, taking in the beautiful, tall timber-framed houses with their colourful shutters built closely together in tight-knit rows.

In the centre of historic Bayonne is the Cathedral of Saint Mary (Cathedrale Sainte-Marie). Built between the 13th and 16th centuries, it belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Way of St James. It also has a beautiful Gothic cloister in whose galleries you can find tombs and memorial plates.

Bayonne is well known for its bullfighting tradition. The Fêtes de Bayonne is the French equivalent of San Fermin in Pamplona (Spain), attracting more than one million visitors each year, making this the largest folk festival in all of France.

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